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“Four years ago, I was fortunate to meet AES Principal, Dr. Dontae Andrews, and decided that I wanted to help AES in any way that I could. I believe that perception doesn’t meet reality with AES and Dr. Andrews and his wonderful staff and students are doing incredible things within the walls of AES.

Members of AESEF and I are committed to ensuring that AES has all the resources to make it a leader in the DeKalb County School system – something it’s very capable of. Already in a short period of time, I have been blown away by the amount of community support and interest growing for AES, and I encourage anyone looking for a way to get involved and make a difference to reach out. I promise you will not regret it!

Given the current pandemic and the obstacles staff and students are facing, our mission to ensure that every student at AES has the resources to thrive is more important than ever, especially in this virtual climate. It’s not an easy task, but staff and students at AES deserve nothing less from us.”

— Stephen P. Smith, Board Chair, AESEF

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
To develop resources that remove barriers and create opportunities for student achievement.

Our Vision
To ensure that every child at Avondale Elementary School has the resources to thrive.

Community Voices

“Caring about my community includes caring about AES.”
– Susan Belmonte, Neighbor and Secretary of AESEF

“Avondale Elementary School is a true community school, where teachers, administrators, parents, churches, businesses, and neighbors all work together to make sure our students have the tools they need to grow into their role as our future leaders.”
– Patti Ghezzi, Neighbor

“There is an overwhelming amount of support from the community and AES deserves it!”
– Stephen Smith, Neighbor and Chair of AESEF

Our Story

The Avondale Elementary School Education Foundation (AESEF), founded in 2016, connects community members and local businesses with Avondale Elementary School (AES) so everyone can work together to facilitate growth and educational opportunities for the bright and curious students who proudly attend AES.

Sitting in the heart of Avondale Estates, Georgia, AES attracts students from a large, diverse attendance zone that extends beyond the city and includes many thriving businesses and community organizations, as well as residential neighborhoods and apartment communities. AES provides students with a global education through its International Baccalaureate (IB) program and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) certification track.

Current Projects

Invest in student success by donating to these school priorities:

Outdoor Classroom
Improve grounds and create outdoor learning spaces for teachers and students
Goal: $15,000

School Website and Communications
Create new website, develop e-newsletter, and related communication strategies
Goal: $5,000

Media Center Improvements
Improve furniture, seating, and technology for school media center and library
Goal: $50,000

Virtual Learning
Purchase virtual learning materials which support AES needs and STEAM initiatives
Goal: $5,000

Donate to help with general projects deemed necessary by AESEF.


Completed Projects

Thanks to your support, we have been able to complete several important projects, including but not limited to:

In partnership with KABOOM grant, installed new state-of-the-art playground for AES students

Field Trips
Provided additional nature-based field trips for all AES students

Sound System
Installed new sound system at school for future student performances and presentations

New Mural
Completed initial mural to bring life to a nearly century-old school building

STEAM Initiative
Purchased new technology, including 3D printer and robotics equipment, for student development

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