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Teacher Wish List



Ms. Coffee/ Ms. Walker: Hue document reader, age-appropriate books, ring light


Ms. Pierce: Reading A-Z subscription, document reader, ring light, printer ink, reading books

Ms. Santucci: Reading A-Z subscription, document camera

First Grade

Mrs. Price: Whatever you all would love to give and provide for support would be welcome!

Ms. Willis: Education tools like I-ready and Lexia

Second Grade

Mrs. Ward: A new computer for instruction

Mrs. S. Williams: Gift card to purchase a desk or office chair

Mrs. Quarterman: Easel to hold the whiteboard, Reading A-Z subscription, ink for printer, headphones

Third Grade

Ms. Langston: Document reader, jump drives

Mrs. Grayson: Subscribe Reading A-Z

Fourth Grade

Ms. Smith

  • Gift card for digital resources at
  • White boards for each student to use on-camera to respond to questions.

Fifth Grade

Ms. Hunt

  • Visa gift card for digital resources
  • STEM reading books and science materials to be given to students for hands-on experiences.

Ms. Samuel: Several jump drives

Ms. Riley

  • Document camera that is compatible with Google classroom
  • subscription for digital supplies.


Ms. Hardy: Any supplies would be greatly appreciated

Ms. L. Carter: Relaxation room (sensory)


P.E. | Coach Briet: Portable CD Player

Music | Mrs. S. Smith: Headphones/earphones with microphone; Amazon gift card to purchase virtual learning supplies

Art | Ms. Kemp: I would love for the students to be provided printer paper and extra pencils for art.

IB | Ms. Bonner: Toddle subscription once trial subscription is over; color printer

STEM | Ms. Brenda Walker: School Box gift card or any gift card for supplies; headphones for teacher Chromebook

Suggestion: Money loaded for each teacher to use on


Mrs. Ross: Ink for home computer

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